🧁ROTD🧁 Mmm! Cheesy anything=delish! 😋 Muffin-Tin Cheesy Meatball Biscuit Bombs Recipe – Pillsbury.com

If you’re a fan of Italian meatball subs, you’re going to love this genius recipe. Our flaky biscuit dough is stuffed with meatballs and cheese, topped with crunchy Italian bread crumbs and baked in a (mess-free) muffin tin for a fun, kid-friendly biscuit bomb that’s exploding with flavor. Have one and call it an app, or grab a few and make it a meal. But whatever you do, don’t forget the extra marinara sauce for dunking.
— Read on www.pillsbury.com/recipes/muffin-tin-cheesy-meatball-biscuit-bombs/42e07bbd-1bb1-4a5d-8ba6-8a20778efca7


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