✨The Get Fit Guy Podcast✨

I like how this guy defines the importance of movement –why and how. He applies his vast knowledge of the body in a super friendly and understandable manner.

He’s relatable and empathetic.

I know you’ll all get a little something out of this podcast series.


yoliO @caffeyole




💥GFTP💥 Hello my fellow humans🎃 (good for the planet)

Here is something we can do to help Trader Joe’s move towards reducing their single use plastics footprint by signing the petition in the link below.

I did some research into Trader Joe’s to learn about their values as a company because who they are is important. From what I found, TJ’s appears to be progressive and open to forward thinking. I think they will take the needed steps to adopt a greener and lighter manner in which to deliver their products to their customers. Thank you for taking the time to think about it and maybe even signing the petition–Cheers!

Take Action, Sign a Petition:

| The Rainforest Site, a GreaterGood project

Take Action, Sign a Petition | The Rainforest Site, a GreaterGood project
— Read on therainforestsite.greatergood.com/clicktogive/trs/petition/trader-joes

✨Cool grounded human✨

Check Dr.Winkleman’s website out–loads of great and super interesting research

Dr. Michael Winkelman’s teaching and research interests focus on shamanism and
psychedelic medicine, applied medical anthropology, and cross-cultural
relations. His research on shamanism includes cross-cultural studies,
investigations into the origins of shamanism, and contemporary applications of shamanic healing in substance abuse rehabilitation. He has pioneered perspectives on shamanism as humanity’s original neurotheology and studies on the biological bases of religion.