Hello again, my fellow humans 😊

“Hi there,
Just a quick note letting you know that I have switched back to the Blog site I had prior to attempting to change over to a website–whew, what a learning journey that was for me.
Can you believe it’s been nine or so months since I initialized the switch over?
I’d like to thank you for hanging in there with me while I gained more developer knowledge.
Wishing you a fantabulous day–

yoliOms @caffeyole‘s blog where our planet, food, and brain food take precedence.”



Easy and simple straight from my kitchen cookbook, @Caffeyole‘s!

What you will need:


Egg whites

Fresh Spinach

Salt & Pepper & Cayenne

Olive Oil

Spread olive oil all over pan, about a teaspoon, heat skillet over medium high for a couple of minutes. Once skillet is hot, add about a cup of chopped fresh spinach, let wilt for about 5 minutes. Once wilted, add seasonings and stir in well. From there, add egg whites just enough to cover spinach. Mix around to flatten/spread around evenly.

Let cook over medium high heat for about five minutes or until egg whites/egg beaters are nearly done

Saturday, a great day to go for a hike—anywhere. 🥾

There’s nothing like getting outside and breathing in some fresh air. What makes that even sweeter is being among the trees and hills and I know not everyone has access to hills and woods near home, but there is always a place to hike—somewhere if you look around.

Flatland hilly land barren land woodsy land, heck even a hilly neighborhood will do. A beach even!

Get out there and take some time to get stronger and healthier, it’s worth it—we are worth it.


✨fyi✨ FDA Alert: FDA Issues Warning About Compounded Medications Containing Semaglutide Marketed for Type 2 Diabetes or Weight Loss

FDA Alert: FDA Issues Warning About Compounded Medications Containing Semaglutide Marketed for Type 2 Diabetes or Weight Loss
— Read on www.drugs.com/fda/fda-issues-warning-compounded-containing-semaglutide-marketed-type-2-diabetes-weight-loss-14599.html

✨fau✨ Here’s something I’d like to share with my fellow android users—cheers✨ 3 Privacy-Enhancing Features in DuckDuckGo for Android That You Need to Try

DuckDuckGo is a top browser for anyone who wants to protect their privacy while online. Here are three standout features in the Android app.
— Read on www.makeuseof.com/best-features-duckduckgo-android/

✨foi✨ Tonight’s night sky will be a splendiferous site to behold should clouds be absent⭐️🪐✨ “When, where and how to view five planets lining up in the sky this week”: NPR

Over the next couple of nights, five planets are expected to align in the sky. And you won’t even need a telescope to see them (although binoculars will help).
— Read on www.npr.org/2023/03/27/1166320219/planetary-alignment-moon-march-uranus-venus-how-to-guide-instructions-rare

✨QOTD✨ I read this on LinkedIn a bit ago and wanted to share it with you.

It’s up to you how you react when you find yourself in a negative situation, says author David Sable.

“Acknowledge that if you are in the game, you’ll stay in the game. Take my younger daughter’s life philosophy to heart, ‘What the heck…. if you’re in already, you might as well go the distance.’ “

Pretty cool, ay?

Kids are soo smart.