Here is Great preparedness information for your life’s toolbox: 🦾 Tips for Using an Emergency Beacon in the Backcountry — Washington Trails Association

Life is unpredictable and, despite your best preparation for a hike, you may get into trouble. If you do, having a device that can call for rescue may save your life, or the life of someone else.
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Hiking fans/Trail runners, here is some useful information for when we are out in the wilderness/woods/any trail really, hiking. 🌲🌵⛰ How (and Why) to Know Your Hiking Pace — Washington Trails Association

When planning for a hike or backpacking trip, you likely have an idea of how long you’d like to be out. Maybe you want to squeeze in a morning hike before the afternoon rain rolls in, or maybe you just need to make it to your campsite by sundown. Either way, it’s going to be easier to plan if you know how long it takes you to hike from point A to point B — also known as your hiking pace.
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