ROTD: 🥬 Here’s a throwback recipe! Grandma’s Favorite Chicken Recipe | Allrecipes


My Grandma used to make this chicken and it was my mom’s favorite. It is very easy, quick, flexible, and delicious. You may add as many different veggies and any amount you want. The broth made from this is great to dip bread and butter; my brother loves to have it as soup. Yum!!!
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ROTD: 🥬 Sounds delish! This dish can be spiced up as much as we want! 🥬 Eatup‼️ Mushroom Masala | Allrecipes

Maitake (or hen of the wood) mushrooms take center stage in this decadent and complex masala that can be served with rice or roti.
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ROTD: 🥬 Ceviche lovers, here’s a recipe for you! Healthy, fresh, and full of flavor! 🥬 Mexican Mango and White Fish Ceviche Recipe | Allrecipes

Fresh and delicious, this Mexican ceviche with white fish and mango will add punch to your next party. It’s an easy no-cook, make-ahead starter or nibble!
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