🥬ROTD🥬 I simply love love love dill and lemon combination —especially with chicken! EatUp & Cheers! Baked Lemon-Dill Chicken Breasts Recipe | Allrecipes

These simple chicken breasts are seasoned with a dill-spice mixture and baked with lots of lemon in the oven.
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📚WOTD📚 You know, I’ve been going outside during the morning to just sit, listen and think— meditate. I sit on a stool and watch birds do their things. I do this for about 20 minutes. I sit in the shade, no hat, no sunglasses, just me, my coffee, and my dog. Try it. ✨Word of the Day – ataraxia | Dictionary.com

Word of the Day – ataraxia | Dictionary.com
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🌊FTO🌊 Sunday and time to rethink what more we can do on a daily basis to cut back or cut out single use plastics🤔 Comment on our Twitter thread to let me know what you are implementing to reduce plastic waste. Cheers‼️ Help Free The Ocean Of Plastic Pollution – Free The Ocean

Help Us Free the Ocean Of Plastic. Click to Clean – answer below and every day you do, you’ll help remove one piece of plastic from the ocean.
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🥬ROTD🥬 Could be a main dish or a side dish: switch out chicken for seafood blend? Get creative—EatUp & cheers! Spanish Rice Chicken I Recipe | Allrecipes


Packaged Spanish rice teams with your best salsa, tomatoes and chicken for a one-skillet dish that is sure to please.
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