Change is coming✨

My fellow humans, I would like to take a moment to let you know that I am going to change my blog/website a bit here in the next few days.

I’ll start with my art work in the header—tighten the pixels if I can, if I can’t, I’ll just redraw my logo from scratch.

Thereafter, I will clean up each page and fix the “ see more” option.

I appreciate you all for being a part of my Caffeyole World✨

I’ll keep you posted🟪




Fun Friday trivia—progress for the sake of cleaning up and maintaining our planet’s health is worth fighting for, always. Every little bit helps. 🌊 Now let’s get to it my fellow humans—what can you do each day to pitch in? 🌊 Help Free The Ocean Of Plastic Pollution – Free The Ocean

Help Us Free the Ocean Of Plastic. Click to Clean – answer below and every day you do, you’ll help remove one piece of plastic from the ocean.
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