✨foi✨I think it’s a good idea to be versed in multiple misc areas and that way we’re better prepared to help others figure out things like their Android cell phones. Cheers and happy no football 😩Sunday✨

Android storage space running out? How to check and fix it

When you picked up your new Android device, you probably thought it had plenty of internal storage. But here you are, with a full phone. Thankfully, Android includes many easy tools to check your internal storage usage and free up space.
— Read on www.howtogeek.com/206591/how-to-see-whats-taking-up-space-on-your-android-device/

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Change is coming✨

My fellow humans, I would like to take a moment to let you know that I am going to change my blog/website a bit here in the next few days.

I’ll start with my art work in the header—tighten the pixels if I can, if I can’t, I’ll just redraw my logo from scratch.

Thereafter, I will clean up each page and fix the “ see more” option.

I appreciate you all for being a part of my Caffeyole World✨

I’ll keep you posted🟪