🥬ROTD🥬 Red Cabbage— I’ve got my Alpha-galactosidase at the ready!

I love me some cabbage and this recipe of the day sounds delish!

Enjoy and Eatup‼️

Grandma Jeanette’s Amazing German Red Cabbage



🥒 ROTD: 🥬 I’m making this refreshing salad right now! 🥒 Italian Tomato Cucumber Salad Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home

This yummy medley of vegetables is a cool complement to zesty dishes like my fish, and also barbecued meats and poultry. —Florine Bruns, Fredericksburg, Texas
— Read on www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/italian-tomato-cucumber-salad/print/

ROTD: 🥬 Caesar Sheet-Pan Chicken Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home


In our area we have an abundance of fresh lemons year-round. When I had a few extra on hand, I put together this quick sheet-pan chicken. I baked it so I could add carrots and potatoes, but you can grill the chicken if you’d like. —Kallee Krong-McCreery, Escondido, California
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ROTD: 🥬 Easy and tasty potato dish that can be a side or a meal on its own—add some colorful bell peppers to boost the health factor! 🥬 Home Fries Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home

When I was little, my dad and I would get up early on Sundays and make these for the family. The rest of the gang would be awakened by the tempting aroma. —Teresa Koide, Manchester, Connecticut
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🥬ROTD: 🥬 Smoked Mozzarella Chicken with Pasta Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home

Take an ordinary chicken breast into wow territory with just a few extra ingredients. Use prosciutto instead of ham to make the dish extra smoky. —Naylet LaRochelle, Miami, Florida
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ROTD: 🥬 Here’s a throwback recipe! Grandma’s Favorite Chicken Recipe | Allrecipes


My Grandma used to make this chicken and it was my mom’s favorite. It is very easy, quick, flexible, and delicious. You may add as many different veggies and any amount you want. The broth made from this is great to dip bread and butter; my brother loves to have it as soup. Yum!!!
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ROTD: 🥬 Sounds delish! This dish can be spiced up as much as we want! 🥬 Eatup‼️ Mushroom Masala | Allrecipes

Maitake (or hen of the wood) mushrooms take center stage in this decadent and complex masala that can be served with rice or roti.
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ROTD: 🥬 Easy to make slow cooker beans! 🥬Cowboy Calico Beans Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home

This is a tradition at the table when my girlfriends and I go up north for a girls’ weekend. The husbands and kids are left at home, but the slow cooker comes with us! —Julie Butsch, Hartland, Wisconsin
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ROTD: 🥬 Slow-Cooked Chicken Caesar Wraps Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home


I first made these slow-cooker chicken Caesar wraps for our daughter, who loves Caesar salads, then later for our extended family on vacation. It’s such an easy meal—perfect for days when you’d rather be outside than inside cooking all day. —Christine Hadden, Whitman, Massachusetts
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